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Thread: New alternative 2.1 firmware release for D2pro9 v2!

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    New alternative 2.1 firmware release for D2pro9 v2!

    Go to d2pro : Home and u will see that d2pro made an alternative 2.1 firmware release for the people who are having trouble with the 2.1 firmware on the d2c chipsets! The wait is finally over!

    So i am going to ask very nicely, the official modchip resellers, like gmodz or canadamods, or modchip-central. For the d2pro9 v2's that u are producing now can u put the alternative 2.1 firmware with spi-flash add-on. Kinda like Gmodz, they had all the d2pro9 v2's there with the first version of 2.1 firmware but now i think they should change that!

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    I have been searching all over the place but could not find how to update d2prov2 with this firmware via DVD? Would anybody help? To my understanding the 1.5 utility disk does not update the firmware, right?

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    ooohh, nice! Just sendt my wii for modding, with the d2Pro chipset, and read about the troubles today, got a bit scared, but now things will work out


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