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Thread: Problem with step three

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    Question Problem with step three

    I have homebrew installed and the files on an sd card as per the tutorial, but when I go to the homebrew channel thats where it stops. the bubbles pop as they go by but no menu, trucha bug, nothing. what am I missing? Please help

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    Since you were able to run the hackmi installer I can assume it is formatted correctly. Make sure there is an apps folder in the root of the sd card with folders in it and in those folders should be boot.dol file. Also press the 1 button to ensure it is not trying to read from another device.
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    HBC is not seeing your SD card. Did you copy the folder CONTENTS after extracting the softmod pack with WinRar or copy the whole folder over-you can verify your SD card folders and files are in the correct locations by comparing against graphic linked in Step 1A.

    You must use an SD card, not SDHC, not a mini.micro with an adaptor for best results. Best is a 2GB SD, (SanDisk works best) formatted as FAT32 using Full format nort Quick format.

    Any additional questions, please post in the correct area-the softmod tutorial thread itself.

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    I am using a 2g SD card. Made sure of that. I added the win rar files after I installed bootmii and homebrew. But I have turned it off and started over twice in case that would make a difference. But I get nothing still.

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    and not sure if this is pertinent but when the homebrew channel comes up, it says homebrew at the bottom and to the right are two icons. the right icon will flash for a few seconds and then thats it.

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    Gen3SF is right... you must extract all the files to your SD card, not that single 25mb rar file. Also post in that forum, both her and I are regular inhabitants and it's on topic for it over there.


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