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Thread: Any problems with certain brand media?

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    Cool Any problems with certain brand media?

    I notice the ones I burned with Memorex seem to bail out after about an hour of play where the Verbatim seem to have no problems. Anyone else notice that? Is the polycarbonate a cheaper grade that heats up as you play the disk. Also, any difference with the write speed. Let's start a discussion as to what works best.

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    I'm using both Traxdata -DVD's (cheap brand) and Verbatim +DVD's having no problem with neither of them...
    And off course the burn will be best if you burn at 1x... But it takes too long. I'm using 2,4x (old dvd writer) But i've read that the most used burn speed for wii is 4x...

    Good suggestion for a discussion btw

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    best is verbatim 10 out of 10 worked
    i used fujifilm and only 3 out of 10 worked
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