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Thread: using USB LoaderGX

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    using USB LoaderGX

    hi i am using USB LoaderGX Forwarder. some of my games are workin and some of them dont. i have updated it 2 the latest loader but when i go 2 certen games it just freezes my wii or goes 2 a black screen. is they something that i am doin wrong. i have gone into the settings an turned the 002 fix on but that still hasnt made a differance

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    Possibly an ios problem check this out

    Also check this out for game compatability with usb loader

    USB Loader v1.x Game Compatibility - WikiTemp

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    can i have more than 1 ios then or do i have 2 remove the other 1 first.i no i have version ios36 on at the mo
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    you can have more than one ios i recomend you get this and use the ios from it Free File Hosting. file hosting and storage.


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