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Thread: DL Burning with imgburn

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    DL Burning with imgburn

    Hi friends,

    New to the Wiihack seen and new to DL burning.
    Im trying to burn super mario bros brawl with imgburn. I read i need to do a manual layer break? If this is correct, how do you set changes to imgburn?

    Also i could use some help converting ciso files to iso for burning. I have a D2C modchip instald.

    Thanx in advance,

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    I cant really help you with ciso though I can help you with burning the game. Do you know what the layer break is supposed to be? I have burnt that game before but I dont know the exact layer break. Anyways, open up imgburn and click the top left option. Place your dvd dual layer in the drive. Go up and click on tools -> settings then click on write. On the top right it will say options and under it will talk about the layer break. Select user specified and under it type it in. I have "2084960" as mine so try that.
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    I found and set changes to imgburn and now im getting a power calibration area is full message. I searched IMAPI service on my computer and found nothing. Im useing windows 7.

    thanx Jasons34


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