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Thread: Help!!! Config 1.4 Not reading

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    Help!!! Config 1.4 Not reading

    I hope this isn't a duplicate issue but starting to panic a little.

    1 - Installed WiiKEY sucessfully
    2- Loadded 1.9 X firmware
    3- Insert Config 1.4 (Chopped + unchopped)

    I get Disc error?

    anyone else have this issue? I believe the firmware of the Wii is 3.0U. Backups play (at least the ones I have). I haven't tried any newer games i.e SSBB etc.. I just want to turn on region free etc...

    Please help.

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    if you are getting dre's and you have flashedwith the 1.9s and the 1.4 config successfully....then it's your burn..of your game backups

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