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    Hi all...

    I have a solder in modchip in my Wii, don't know what type, as the shop never told us.

    I question is, when I put some games in, the screen comes up with 'System need to update', you press okay, then it states that your Wii has been modified and if you proceed it could render your Wii useless. Is it safe to update, does it mes your Wii up, or is there a way of updating to avoid this screen?

    Do modchips firmware need updating at all?



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    2 Ways

    1) Update when asked

    2) Update via homebrew.

    It's generally safe to run updates off disc when you hardmod, providing you only run updates on games from your region (be absolutely sure of this). If you are hardmod only then the only way to play those games is to update anyway, so if you don't update then no newer games will ever work.
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