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Thread: WasabiDX and D1A drive - strange problems - please help

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    Unhappy WasabiDX and D1A drive - strange problems - please help


    I've installed WasabiDX on my Wii with GC2-D1A drive (LEH256255094, CMYD8D261P) and it has quite strange behavior :

    1) No LED on when I turn on the console
    2) The LED goes on green when I play the game (Fitness coach, Wii Fit, Wii sports), however sometimes the warning screen appears with a recommendation to reboot the console and check the disk - funny thing is that LED goes on green only when I press play on the game (not actually when the disc is being preloaded into wii menu)
    3) I can play all original games without a problem (sometimes happen point 2)
    4) I can not access a Wasabi menu - nothing happens when I press 3xeject (the wasabi LEDs are off)
    5) I got once red LED on, however I do not remember in what context
    6) When I insert backed up copies (3.0 firmware, Super Mario), nothing happens (I suspect there is also problem with my discs and speed, burning 4x on DVD+r)

    Now I don't know what to do - the Wasabi is connected properly - otherwise it would not light on when I play original games. I can play originals but I can not access wasabi menu. And I can not identify why sometimes it plays original game and why sometimes it gets a black screen.

    Does anyone have a suggestion what to do? I suspect that one problem might be my drive (D1A), I've searched some forums where people had same problem, but no solution yet suggested (except soldering capacitors, which I do not intend to do at all, that's the reason I bought DX).

    Any help would be appreciated, Suomidude

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    Hi to all again

    I've checked my Wii again and re-ordered new WasabiDX and now I have different kind of problem

    (just to update technical issues : the drive is GC2-D2E (in black glue) and serial is LEH2562)

    - After I turn on the console, the Wasabi is RED (all the time)
    - If I put in original game, the LED goes GREEN, would read original (not backup) and play it and it is still green until I eject the disk (then it goes again back to RED)
    - If I try to reset + press 3 times eject, it goes off (and it wouldn't read any game) - only way to make it work is to restart console
    - Sometimes when I put backup DVD after eject I got the black screen with warning to turn on/off the console

    Anyone has an advice what to do?

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    hi, i am experiencing the same problem. I have installed the wasabi dx chip as per instructions with the proper region settings, however i receive only a red light, when i insert a real game the led changes to green, but returns to red after it is ejected. If anyone can assist in this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

    I can however access the wasabi menu by pressing the eject button 3 times. So i assume the chip is working.


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