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Thread: The 4 Lg Drives

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    The 4 Lg Drives

    I have a laptop, and rather than buy the expensive external unit is there a way to hook one of these drives to my laptop. like usb to ide or something. anyone done or know of this.

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    Just buy a 5.25" USB drive enclosure and put the LG DVD drive into it

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    Which LG models would be compatible?

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    how do i know

    i have a dell laptop , couple of years old , how will i know which drives are compatible. have my eye on the one that end with a 1.

    out of all the drives they all end with like 1,2,3,4,5

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    The compatible models are (all IDE drives)


    ...and a couple of others.

    If you already have one of these drives then great otherwise I suggest you look into dumping image from Wii to PC via Wi-Fi as described here ->


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