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Thread: Region Help: US Games on 4.2j

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    Region Help: US Games on 4.2j

    I've soft modded my 4.2j and can use all of my "region free" games fine (thanks to the very well crafted soft-mod FAQ & tutorial), but can't seem to get neogamma v8 to run my '08 NBA Live (North America Only) & '07 Madden (Same). I got Rockband to work, but for some reason can't get the previous two games past the "Hold the Wii Remote Safely" screen! Could certainly use some help!

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    ur forcing the region with neogamma right? well since the game atleast runs to the health screen then maybe its not region problem.

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    Gotcha, yes I have been forcing the region with neogamma, so now I'm not sure where to go... my controller stops being recognized at the health screen and the game just freezes... wonder if I need to use a different cios (other than 249) or need to try uloader???


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