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Thread: Very newbie to the scene

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    Very newbie to the scene

    I have just softmodded my wii 4.2u. homebrew channel, dvdx, bootmii, wad manager 1.4, and neo gamma r7. That's all i've done so far. Before i do anything else,

    1) Can i change my internet settings to "On" or do i have to leave it "Off" the whole time?

    2) If I turn it back on, will nintendo automatically check for an update and automatically update my system? ( I know never to update b/c it will posibly brick my wii)

    3) Is it safe to buy some stuff from nintendo through the WII or am i now dependent through homebrew channel?

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    1. Yes, On is OK (leave WiConnect24 to OFF is recommended, however --- even if @ 4.2)
    2. See #1
    3. Not really sure I understand the question as phrased.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. As for the third question:

    Say i wanted to download from the nintendo channel store(which I probably won't), will nintendo detect my softmods?

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    Nope, you are safe for all online usage, including games (just don't cheat, they do ban for that if caught but nothing to do with modding). This ain't Xbox 360...

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    nice...yea i need to get my 360 modded...i rarely use my i might as well do it.


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