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Thread: 4.2 softmod problems

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    4.2 softmod problems

    I'm having problems with the ios files loading to the sd card when following the 4.2 softmod guide.
    I previously uploaded to the 4.2 update before modding the wii is this going to be a problem? is there something else I should try? I'm seeing in the threads not to update the system. Am I out of luck?
    I've tryed the softmod provided by messie and shadowsonic2 and I'm still coming up empty handed.
    Also when I try to go through tucha bug restorer there is no ios files to change, it keeps coming up with an error, is this because I updated the wii to 4.2.


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    There are two different Tutorials for 4.2 (but you are correct, remaining @ 4.1 would've been "easier" in terms of difficulty level) - look here and here. If you use the search feature in the given thread, I'm sure your issue has been addressed many times (if you were on the 3.1 thru 4.1 mod, I'd be saying "Redo Step 3" but it's a different step in those mods).


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