Sorry if this has ben discussed before, I've searched but can't find any info on this.

Since modding my Wii to load backups (uisng WiiFlow & GX Backup) on R14 (IOS249), I can no longer play MK with the Wii Wheel. It assumes I am using the GC Controller always, even though it isn't plugged in. I have patched the MIOS & use GCBackup to run GC backups. I've tried removing the MIOS patch and deleting GCBackup. Even if i run MK from its original disc, it still assumes im using the GC controller.

Also, and this maybe a second question but I'll mention it as its likely relevant, the Wii Remote has been reversed when used in Homebrew apps. So up is down, left is right etc. Its no big deal, i can turn the Wii remote on its side and select things. The Wii controller works fine until I go into HB apps, and works fine within games (although not within MK)

Can anybody help me with this? I did use miibackup to create a backup of my NAND so I'm not averse to restoring this - I am hoping this will put my Wii back to the state it was in before I started modding it?

All games work fine except MK, and its my fave, and i love the wheel. Help!