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Thread: some new games wont play on my softmod wii any help

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    Smile some new games wont play on my softmod wii any help

    all of my over games work perfect on neogamma backup launcher i have system 4.2 which i just updated and modded but now iv burnt the new super mario and wii sports resort but they wont load up they go 2 a green screen then it seems my wii restarts to the main channel menu any body have any ideas that i could try out i just want 2 play this new mario if any 1 has any links to any backup launchers that work with new game would be nice or some soft ware would sort it out please help

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    search the forum for the guides on how to get these to work...

    these is steps to get them to work with both of those games...

    remember "searching is powerful"

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    Let's see here... guides, guides... hmm... where can they be? Next will be "How do I search?"


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