Hello everyone, I was hoping that someone would be able to help me with a problem that I have with my backup wii punch out game that I'm running from my 250 gig seagate free agent drive. My wii version is 4.2(u) and I have already softmoded it and have the homebrew channel up and running in the system menu. I have been able to play games like nhl 2k10, indiana jones(lego), zelda twilight princess(although the movie intro studders alot) and wii sports all from the partitioned external drive. But for some strange reason when I play punch out It will let me fight glass joe, von kaiser, and disco kid. But every single time I get to king hippo the game freezes up and sometimes the screen goes black and has all kinds of code and errors(code dump?) I have trippled checked my game and the hard drive to see if there was a hidden partition that seagate may have installed that may cause this but why would all the other games work fine if this was the problem(i partitioned the drive using fat32 to eliminate the hidden partition issue). So here I am for the last 2 weeks trying to figure out why this keeps happening. If their is anyone that has any suggestions please feel free to comment. I am using the usb loader gx and neo gamma but both still freeze the game at the same spot(king hippo in career mode). Thx again,