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Thread: Can a backup be burned on dl dvd

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    Can a backup be burned on dl dvd

    I have verbatim dl dvd in my house with i use to burn my xbox 360 games

    I have the d2pro9 v2.0 on my wii

    I have mario kart and i burned it on that dvd

    and i get and error telling to take the disk out and shut the wii off and read the manual..

    I'm i doing something wrong.. I used imgburn

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    you can burn games on DL dvd+r if you like but only smash bros requires it. did you update the d2pro9 so it can recognize DL discs??

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    Utility disc 1.5...
    Is there a setting in that menu for that.

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    Why would you want to burn Mario Kart on DL media?
    It's only the size of a normal DVD, so that's a bit... wasting money.
    Only Super Smash Brothers Brawl is a DL-disc, and yes, that can be burned. (experience, yes, works like a charm)


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