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Thread: 3.3u with homebrew

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    Ca 3.3u with homebrew

    Hi, i am having trouble loading some games (blackscreen) like ghostbuster, madagascar kartz and a few others.

    I have read and it is to do with the ios/menu i have i my wii. I have tried the softchipr99 which is on the homebrew but would like to be able to load from wode.

    Also would like to play custom gh3 and the new super mario.

    I have found the guide to update to 4.1 and keep the homebrew which i would like to do, but i was wondering about trucha bug restorer as well (i believe this will alow me to play my custom gh3 games again?).

    If i want both on, should i install one then the other? or does it matter.

    wii is at 3.3u and i have a d2pro chip and homebrew with softchipr99 and not sure if it was ever loaded but i see in homebrew (/apps/mutiicios/boot.dol)


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    I am having the same problem with ghostbusters, and some other games. i live in brazil, and half of the games i get work, and the other half don't this is the same for games i burn from iso files. some work, some don't. i've had my wii softmoded for 6 months now, and all i can play is mlb, tiger woods golf, and crazy taxi.... lame...... please hlp.


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