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Thread: Can't load save

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    Can't load save

    I backed up my NSMB Save (nearly completed game) so that I could load a save game file (because for some reason the game freezes on the castles in Worlds 2 and 5 which means there are some levels I can't access). However when I tried to put in the save from my SD card it said that it may not have copied (which indeed it hadn't). And now - my original save won't re-load (same message). I really don't want to start all over again. Any advice. I have since got Savegame Manager but of course I have no save file to extract, Please help.

    Oh Dear...I'm really sorry. I posted again because my screen went blank and I assumed it hadn't worked.
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    Is there an echo in here? 3 Identical posts and another already posted in a different section 5 hours ago?
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