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Thread: Modchip installed but...

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    Modchip installed but...

    I have a modchip installed on my wii. A few months ago I was able to download a game through and burn it onto a disc and play it. However I have been trying to download the Super Mario Bros. game for wii and am having a lot of trouble doing it. I downloaded uTorrent searched for the game and downloaded it. But when I go to extract the file there is nothing there. Can someone please tell me the exact process I need to do to download this one game I want? I even downloaded the game that had the most seeds, but still no luck and it takes forever to download.


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    As far as I know there is no version of Super Mario brother wii that works on a hard modded Wii. I looked for weeks and I had to do a softmod to get one to work for me. But I could be wrong.


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