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Thread: wii sensor bar stuff

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    Arrow wii sensor bar stuff

    i'm curious if i'm not getting optimal or if i can live to have my sensor bar outside of the settings set forth by nintendo, or if i might have to make some sort of additional modification to the settings to put my bar's location within optimal range. make sense?

    here is my bar locations from the bottom edge of the tv screen:
    forward from tv: 14"
    down from tv (visible pane): 9"

    my distance to the tv, and tv location distances:
    from tv (max distance): ~12'
    bottom of tv (visible pane) to floor: ~50"


    according to | Nintendo - Customer Service | Wii - Connecting the Sensor Bar there is a stand (like i'd remember to hold onto that over a year later!! lol), so i'm curious if anyone has used the wireless sensor bars? do those come with a stand? they worth the money? wii sensor bar wireless Wii Controllers there, they range from $6USD to $20USD. get what you pay for?

    sensitivity!! again, according to | Nintendo - Customer Service | Wii - Sensor Bar Settings
    Quote Originally Posted by
    The initial recommended distance for using the Wii Remote Pointer is 3 to 8 feet from the Sensor Bar.
    does that mean then that for the initial set-up, i should be that distance, then i'm ok at about 10 - 12 feet away? also, what sensitivity do you feel is best? slower for more control, or faster and get into the game? know what i mean?

    thanks for reading.... ;]~
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    I have a 47" LCD and i have the sensor bar up on top of my tv about 6ft off the ground.... i have had problems with it being on the bottom of tv on the stand 3ft from ground...

    myself and the fam stand about 5-10ft away from the tv and we have no problems. even my 4yr old has no problems...

    but make sure that you have the settings in the wii set for the sensor bar to be above or below tv....

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