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Thread: Im super New

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    Im super New

    Ok I just am starting and I know nothing a bout hacks so I have 3 really simple and probably stupid questions.

    1. Can you play DVD's on the Wii? Because I've heard of it before

    2. Can I actually use any hacks with out buying something?

    3. Can I use any hacks with out internet access on my wii?

    This are probably very stupid questions but please answer them

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    um...not sure about the first question.
    if u can, u need to mod your wii and add a DVD emulator to your wii
    no, u can't use any hacks without buying something. U have to buy a modchip in order to use a hack, or play copied games.
    yes, u can use hacks without internet access. All hacks come from DVDs, not the internet.
    All u need is a computer with a DVD burner with internet

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    Let me first clarify that there are two types of 'hacks' for the Wii

    1) to run homebrew apps/games, this requires the Twilight Princess game used to install the Homebrew Channel. This will allow you to run many Homebrew apps, games, Emulators, WiiWare games and VC games. I'm not certain but there may be an App that will allow you to play DVD movies but it is not recommended as the laser for the wii was not designed for it.

    2) to run backup wii games (games burned on DVD), for this you will need a Modchip that needs to be purchased and installed into the wii.

    Internet access is not necessary for either of 'hacks'


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