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Thread: reseted/formated my wii now bricked

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    reseted/formated my wii now bricked

    HI GUYS,

    I new to the hacking scene, i basicly have a wii version 4.2 pal UK. I installed bootmii/boot 2 bannerbomb and thign was oki until it started freezing. Me being silly tired to reset the system to factory default. Now there a black screen cant boot anything, Ive tried reinserting the bootmii SD card but nothing show on screen pls help just Black!

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    Does anything happen when u turn the wii on and hold the reset button down?

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    only the cd drive make a noise, but nothing , ive tried holding reset whilest powering up but nothing happens, just a black screen

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    Try posting in Bricked Issues section.

    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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