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Thread: No Hacks for PriiLoader

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    No Hacks for PriiLoader

    The 4.2 guide says the following: D7)Installation of priiloader. After you install ios70patched, you are able to install priiloader.
    -Find the only app in HBC that does not have an icon, yet says apps\priiloader\boot.dol, and load it.
    -Read the instructions, and hold down B, and press + to use ios249
    -Once it is done, reset your wii and it will take you to Priiloader menu
    -From there, go to Hacks and check the ones you want. Block disc update and Region free ones are recommended. you can check what the others do here. If the systam says that there are no hacks available do the following:
    GO HERE (****) and copy the hacks for you system menu version into the hacks.ini that exists in the root of your SD card. Then save and retry. Be sure to leave a blank line at the end.
    -After you are done, go to the Settings and change autoboot to System menu.
    -Reset the wii. You are done!
    If you ever banner brick your Wii (God forbid) you can access priiloader menu by holding down reset button while booting the Wii, then access HBC to undo the brick (yeah i know it rocks). After that you can install all the Wiiware/VC/channel wads you wish, without bricking fear.

    The issue is the above part (****)...I think that this is suppose to be a link to someplace to get the hacks, but there is no link.

    I have a hacks.ini file in the root of my SD Card, but I could not select any hacks as it told me that there are no hacks.

    Please help!!!

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    You may need to edit out the information in the file you have for your sysmenu/region. There's a guide that links to all of them here.
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    i have not seen this error in awhile..... and ithian is on it.... woot

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    This has been driving me nuts. It takes us 15 minutes to get to a usb game because of all the menus and warning I have to go through and was trying to stumble across the missing hotlink! Hope this works!


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