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Thread: Wii usually boots to black screen?

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    Wii usually boots to black screen?

    3.5/5 of the time I turn on my Wii it will only boot to a black screen and I am forced to turn it off by holding the power button in and then pressing it again to turn it back on. I usually have to do this 3 or 4 times before the Wii menu will actually show up! Does anyone know how I can stop this? Thanks in advance

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    Have you installed any .wads/channels lately? I would think whichever you installed prior to this happening could be at fault if that is the case.

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    Well I was installing huge amounts of .wads and deleting others almost everyday. I stopped doing that when I found a .wad forwarder for uLoader and thats pretty much all I've been using. Do you think if I uninstall all of my .wads and reinstall the ones I want the most it'll stop doing this?

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    I would probably uninstall them one at a time, going from the latest before your problems first.

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    Do not uninstall IOS wads though.
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