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Thread: Wii asks to update to play original games

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    Wii asks to update to play original games

    Hi every one I updated my wii from a 3.4E to 4.2E

    Thought this was a better move, but now all my original Wii games are asking me to update to play them

    If I updated to 4.2E why would they be asking me to do this

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    You need to install priiloader and enable skip disc check updates, to do this after you install priiloader, u need to start the wii, hold the reset button down, when it comes up go to installed hacks and enable skip/block disc check updates and enable skip/block online updates

    Here is the guide to find it..

    click here
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    Just incase u may need this cos i did after i installed priiloader..
    If no hacks show up in the installed hacks, do this....

    Here is a link to hack.ini files, check the appropriate one for your menu, then copy the text and then opne your hacks.ini file, add the text in to your hacks.ini file and save.

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    After i updated my wii to 4.2E it goes into standby when i tun it on, so having to go through Priiloader (thanking that i did something right) and it says cant find autoboot.dol.
    is there a way of reinstalling the autoboot file back on to the wii


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