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Thread: Basic Newbie Question

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    Basic Newbie Question

    Hi Everyone,

    Gr8 site and lots of information.

    I went through every sticky post in this section and as I said before, it has a whole lot of information in what/how to do but I think noobs like me can benefit from one more sticky because none of the current ones lists why I need to hack my system. If we can highlight/summarize the benefits of hacking then that'll be very beneficial information to the ones that are new to the world of hacking 'w'. Yes, I searched the site and made sure there wasn't one already .

    Anyway, came to this site to find solution to my failed drive of unhacked wii. I see no reason to pay $85 to Nin to repair it. This post is not meant to find solution to my problem so pls disregard the information.

    I want to admit that I'll be a freuquent visitor on this site because I've read some cool stuff on it.


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    Well, to play copied games of course. That really is the main thing. Of course i mean "backups"

    You get alot of other nice benifits though. You can play games from a usb drive, gamecube games, homebrew, virtualconsole/wiiware, dvd video, mplayer(avi's and other formats), emulators. Im probably missing alot of stuff, but yeah.

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    Well hacking your wii opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your wii as said above from playing backed-up games, using a usb hdd to store and play all your games, you can turn your wii into a media center where you can stream videos and music through your wifi network from your pc to your wii, etc. There are so many things the wii can do that isn't available with the stock unit. Do a quick search in google for homebrew wii apps and you'll see what I mean.

    All this to say that your question shouldn't be what are the benefits of hacking my wii but how quickly can I hack my wii lol

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