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Thread: soft modded wii and warrenty?

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    soft modded wii and warrenty?

    hello all
    just wanted to say thanks for all the info and time spent developing software and guides.
    I had a question about nintendo warrenty, i am having a hardware issue where the laser drive is making noise and wont read game discs. I dont want to send it to nintendo in its current state as it has been softmodded with the tutorial found here. apperntly i should have been more carefull as it seems the 4.2u system cannot be virginized as of yet.
    if i remove priloader and hbc wad so the system looks factory at the screens will nintendo go searching for softmods or will they start the thing up and see its not working and replace whats needed?
    has anyone sent there unit off to nintendo and not gotten it back? will they send it back and say the warrenty is void do to mods made? did these mods possibly effect the integrity of the laser drive?
    any thougths or info would be great

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    Your Warranty is null and void when you mod the wii.... there are repair shops though around that will repair them but it will not be free... $$$

    * otherwise you can just USB Load Everything and you dont need the DVD-Drive


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