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Thread: Losing video

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    Losing video

    Hi all

    My softmodded PAL Wii is connected using a component video cable to a component to HDMI converter, and then to the HDMI socket ono my Viera TV. This has been working fine, but recently it has been failing to get video output. When I reconnected the composite cable, I noticed that the Wii video setting had changed to 60Hz. Changing this back to 50Hz made the component video work again, but it keeps happening. It did it yesterday while I was actually playing.

    Any ideas what could be causing this? Does the Wii attempt to detect the required refresh rate? Could there be a cable at fault, or is it more likely to be the Wii itself?


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    You didn't overflash an NTSC System Menu, did you?

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    Not AFAIK. I followed this guide but TBH I didn't understand most of it - I just followed the instructions. Would you mind having a look to see if something there could have flashed an NTSC system menu?

    Having said that, I'm still leaning towards a hardware/cabling issue since it happened in-game at one point. I also experimented this morning with the different TV modes, and they all worked on my screen. That's 50Hz, 60Hz and the HD 480p mode. So I'm thinking the 60Hz thing is a red herring.



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