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Thread: I'm desperate - Help me get into my wii.

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    Cool I'm desperate - Help me get into my wii.

    Hi, I posted on here a few weeks back, I soft modded my Wii, and for some reason when I turned it on it always opened into the black preloader screen asking me to select an option, which I always selected "Wii Main Menu" which took me to the main wii menu like any will would. I never thought of this as a problem until my friends borrowed my controllers and re-synced them to their wii (not temp unfortunitly) So now they aren't synced to mine, I cant re sync them in the menu that pops up for some reason so i need to select a to get to the menu i need to re-sync. But I cant use the Wii controller, I have tried a game cube controller and no luck.

    Any Ideas anyone please I'm desperate. (maybe adding a file to the SD card could do something?)

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    I hope you get it sorted out, it sucks that your gc controller wont work. Is it a first party controller?

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    thanks, will take a look. its not a first party controller. do any wii controllers connect via usb?

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    Not that i know of. Gamecube controllers are supposed to work, see if you can borrow a nintendo one from someone.

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    thanks, I will try and get hold of one.


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