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Thread: Annoying usbloader problem

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    Annoying usbloader problem

    thanks to this site go usbloder gx up and running but have a problem,when i've finished playing games from my hard drive and go back to wii channels and then want to load usbloader back up it freezes and i have to reboot wii, any ideas?

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    I've had similar issues to this in the past. For me it was a cIOS install issue, that might not be the case for you. Try reinstalling cIOS38Rev14, power down, then reboot. See if the issue has been resolved.

    Another thing you can try is updating to a newer revision of GX, or downloading and replacing your current file if you're using the newest revision.

    Yet another possibility is that the hard drive has limited compatibility issues, but without knowing the brand/model it's hard to say. There's a list on the forum to check this out.
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