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Thread: Is this website trustable?

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    Question Is this website trustable?

    D2Ckey Special (D2CKey + D2CKey Clip + D2CBridge + Tri)
    [] $50.00

    Click to enlarge
    - D2Ckey Bundle Special

    Just intime for those magical D2C chipset versions, now including D1A
    Does not support the D2C2 or D2C3

    - Bundle includes:
    1x d2ckey
    1x d2ckey wii-clip
    1x d2ckey bridge
    1x d2ckey bridge FFC
    1x tri

    This looks like a good deal but will it come with u know that big sticker packaged with the wii-clip that keeps the modchip and the wii-clip in place.

    Do you see that blue rectangular sticker thing behind the modchip that has the clouds and the 2 question marks on it? I think it is called the protect label, will it come with the one on this site
    because the site sais that it will come presoldered to a wii-clip but i wanted to know if it comes with the protect label thingy to keep it in place or not.

    Please respond quickly...
    and thanks!

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    well u don't really need it. just use some packaging tape =P
    it sounds like a good deal though

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    im still asking though would it come with it?

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    Probably will, since that's just a standard package.
    But I'm not from that store, so don't bite me... :P

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    Yes, foundmy is safe, i ordered a few gamecube modchips from them not 2 long ago. and yes if it comes with the Wii-Clip it will come with the sticker and cool little mario protection thing since thats what usually comes with a regular wii-clip on its own. =] hope this helps.


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