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    Wii Chip

    I am having an issue finding what Wii chip I have on my new Wii. I got the serial number and went to:

    Nintendo-Scene Wii Serial Tracker

    There I put in the serial number and got the following comments:

    We do not have enough information to determine what drive chip you have.

    We do not have enough information to determine if your drive pins are cut or not.

    To help the WiiTracker become even more accurate please consider adding your actual console data to the WiiTracker database if and when you decide to open it up.

    Is there any other way to find chip version for Wii other than opening the case?

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    Thank you for the reply. Being new to Wii of course I asked the wrong question. I really did not need the chip but needed the version and after reading and playing around with the Wii I finally found what I needed inside one of the Wii screens.

    Again thank you very much.


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