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Thread: Does this drive key installation look right? - picture linked

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    Does this drive key installation look right? - picture linked

    So I bought a drivekey v2.0 online from but for some reason it doesn't appear to be working correctly (or at all). I've put a picture of my install up, does it look right? Everything appears to match the tutorial posted here so I'm quite confused

    On the left is the DVD drive and to the right is the motherboard of the Wii. I live in Canada so i have the pins as 1-off, 2-on. The wii will boot up but doesn't accept any games, original or backup.
    Things I've tried:
    I tried hitting the eject button 3 times to get into the drive key menu and nothing shows up.
    I tried swapping the cable orientation and the Wii dvd drive won't accept any discs. Same happens if I install the DVD cable to the motherboard side and the motherboard cable to the wii side.
    I feel as if I'm missing something incredibly simple because from what I've heard this shouldn't be so hard of a task.


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    yup it looks good to me......the ribbon from the mother board is really creased,so this might cause an issue.I don't think so though...i've seen it like this before and it worked fine.Unless you happened to break one of the strands of wire.Wha+t does your drive chip say?is it blank cause if so it wont work.If its a compatable drive then your chip may be toast.......hope it works for you cause my drivekey is freakin great.There is not a game I can't run.At least I havn't come across one yet.good luck.

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    Is that silver/white cable from chip to drive the original one that came with it?
    Is it the NSMB version Drivekey because my cable is BROWN,Im in the UK but that shouldnt matter.I seem to remember reading somewhere people had trouble with silver cables on certain drives.

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    Don't worry about the silver ribbon cable.There is no issue with the silver ribbon cable.I don't know where this came from,but this is an urban legend. I have the silve rribbon cable and the drive key and all works great.

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    original chip was defective and i got it replaced, now I can get access to the drivekey menu by tapping the eject button 3 times. However, I can't navigate the menu with the reset button. Am I doing something wrong here? The drivekey lights up once and then all the lights are off.

    My backup new super mario bro will load but once I hit start (game) the screen goes black and I have to power off the machine. The wii remotes have their status indicator all flash when I try to do anything when the screen is black - not the usual 1 LED to show it is wii remote 1 or 2.

    Yes, this is the drive key v2 which is good for the new NSMB.

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    Only thing I noticed in the picture is the main chip does not have Actel printed on the chip. Is this a genuine drivekey or a dodgy fake one?? All the Drivekeys I have done, ALL have ACTEL print on them.

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    you know what....joker,your right.I also have never seen a blank chip drivekey.Where did you get it from simon? Was it a reputable shop? Could be fake.

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    We get ours directly from drivekey team, and while most have the actel writting, we'd get a couple out of every thousand with no writting on it, or very faint writting on it.

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