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Thread: Wii hacks produce custom firmware & PSP emulation

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    Wii hacks produce custom firmware & PSP emulation

    The Wii’s Twilight Hack has been a big hit for the homebrew crowd. Using the software flaw, they’ve been able to play Tetris on their Wiis and even create some custom Wii channels. Nintendo tried to shut that program down, but 8 hours later, it was back. Nobody can keep the homebrew devs down, and over the past week there have been two more major breakthroughs in “hacking the Wii.
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    A group called Waninkoko has created a custom firmware for the Wii which allows writable DVDs to be read by the system. This means that downloading Wii titles to your PC, and then playing them on a burned disc could be right around the corner. The second crack for the Wii came from teamshift. They were able to create a PSP emulator that can play whatever games you wish.

    Of course, neither of these hacks have actually been confirmed, so take heed before you try to install the Waninkoko hack. Do so at your own risk. The PSP emulator rumor from teamshift comes from a single image posted on NintendoMax showing Puzzle Bobble Pocket playing on a Wii. The image doesn’t hold much credence, and could be completely fake, but if it’s real then PSP games may become the new black for a while in Wii owner’s homes.

    As more information is revealed on this, we’ll let you know. Gavin Robinson July 18, 2008 4:31 pm
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    i have 2 hacked psp's so i dont need a psp emulator and as for the Iso loader..........GAME ON!!!!!!
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    i read about this about a week ago, and have since installed his custom firmware to use the Wii WiFi Dumper, its the IOS249, havnt tried the PSP emulator yet but that would be very cool ^_^

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    emailed questions to wank.....

    i sent off an email to the creator of the firmware that plays burned disks.

    i wanted to find out if the custom firmware would perform like the standard wii firmware

    also if it could be removed from the system and return the wii firmware to the orig. config. before installing.

    i will post any info that i get.

    this would be a great thing for people that dont want to take the risk of opening the wii.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by iTHuNKie! View Post
    i have 2 hacked psp's so i dont need a psp emulator and as for the Iso loader..........GAME ON!!!!!!

    What iso loader?

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    He means IOS.

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    they said a mod chip is still needed to play burned games so the info is not true about burned games
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    Sorry guys im a real noob when it comes to the wii but this custom firmware. Does it mean that I can play a game that i downloaded and then burnt on my wii without a modchip? Or does it mean i wouldnt have to do anything with the game file when id got it? If it is the no mod chip one well does anyone know when it will be available?

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    PSP Emu on Wii would be awesom...

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    PSp Emulator! That means grand theft auto on wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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