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Thread: WiiHacks Valentine Contest-Win a WODE!

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    Arrow WiiHacks Valentine Contest-Win a WODE! is having a Valentine's Day contest!



    The theme of our latest contest is “Why I Love WiiHacks”. If writing about love for the site or community is too abstract, an acceptable variation for this contest is “Why I Love... Insert Name of Your Favorite WiiHacks Staffer Here.” [You might want to verify the gender of your favorite WiiHacks staffer]. Your written submission of no more than 500 words should be posted in the I Love WiiHacks contest thread in the Lounge area by February 14, 2010. Winners will be determined by the number of thanks received at the time the contest thread is locked at midnight (EST) February 14, 2010. Vote for your favorite by hitting the THANKS button. By voting, you might win the Bonus Prize!

    1. Only submissions by Non-WiiHacks Staff are eligible for a prize. Submissions by WiiHacks staff are for fun only.
    2. Submissions must be in written form and in English, but may be in the form of a love letter, short story, poem, song, sonnet, haiku, etc. Submissions violating site decency rules will be deleted.
    3. Votes will be cast by counting the THANKS, from WiiHacks members in good standing, that were logged in by midnight (EST) Feb 14, 2010. Vote for your favorite contest entries. Show your appreciation for your favorites and hit the Thanks button. WiiHacks staff may vote and be eligible for the bonus prize.
    4. As submissions by WiiHacks staff are for entertainment only, members may show their appreciation by hitting the THANKS button.
    5. Members who cast a vote, and are in good standing at the time of the drawing, will be eligible for the Bonus Prize. Multiple votes will not increase your chances of winning-each member will be counted only once for the Bonus Prize.


    FIRST PRIZE: A WODE (Wii Optical Drive Emulator).
    Generously donated by &

    SECOND PRIZE: $50 gift certificate.*
    THIRD PRIZE: $25 gift certificate.*

    BONUS VOTER PRIZE: One voter will be selected at random to also receive a $25 gift certificate.*

    1. Due to the evident time and quality of most of our entries, members will be allowed to THANK or VOTE for more than one submission. However, multiple votes will not increase your chances of winning the Bonus Prize-each voting member will be counted only once for the Bonus Prize drawing.
    2. Due to possible vote tampering concerns, votes from recent site registrants will be screened and subject to disqualification. Members involved in vote tampering, contest fixing, and other unethical activities may be subject to disciplinary action.

    *Amazon gift certificates were donated by Gen3SF. gift certificates are good only for purchases made on the website, not the UK, CA, DE, etc websites. Winner is responsible for reading restrictions on international purchases.

    Entries become the property of

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    Why I love WiiHacks..............

    This is me 1 year ago, sitting in a dusty old cupboard gathering dust. My owner had given up on me, games where too expensive and he had played wii sports so much he was bored of it. I was happily sitting under the TV when the nasty man pulled my cables out and flung me in a cupboard.
    One day after I had given up all hope my master came dancing up to the cupboard and grabbed me in his arms. I was scared that maybe he had sold me on that horrible abomonation called ebay. But to my relief he plugged me back in under the TV. I overheard him telling his female friend that he was searching for a chip for me, to help him play back up games. But he had stumbled upon a thing called a softmod hack. He said “this site wiihacks has everything I need to know to do it”. 20 minutes later he was dancing around me singing “I have done it, I have done it”.

    We are now best friends. He has now connected me to a nice shiny hard drive and I can play games without a disc. This is all stuff he had learned on wiihacks.
    This is why I WiiHACKS.........

    Mr Ninty Wii.
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    Dear WiiHacks,

    I am madly in love with you. You are the best site on the Internet and I think we are perfect for each other. I see a long future together with little WiiCruds running around the house. I cannot live without you!


    P.S. If you even look at another forum member or website I will murder you in your sleep. -kisses-

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    Why I Love Messie

    I don't care about the prizes I just want to say that the best post came from Messie. I am a Noob but I knew about the possibility of softmod for the Wii. The wife got the Wii for the kids for Christmas. I already had the SD card required so I all needed was to know how. I subscribed to Wiihacks and the first post I found was by Messie. I followed the detailed instructions to the letter and completed it in under 15 minutes. I sent a thanks to Messie but thanks just wont cut it. My hat is off to you for your most helpfull post.
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    Why I love wiihacks

    Dear wiihacks,
    I love wiihacks so much because they helped me turn an alright game system into an awesome game system I can't leave alone. With all the friendly advice and easy tutorials from dogeggs, gen3sf, tealc and many others my wii will never get old. Thanks and may this site stay up forever.
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    my short poem is by far the best for me,
    without it i'd have white brick instead of a pimped out wii.
    You always give us all answers from ios's to iso's,
    no matter what the problem is somebody always knows.
    They answer every question whatever it may be,
    as long as it isn't "I need help with NSMB".
    Although im still considered a noob,
    one thing i have learnt is dont belive you-tube.
    So this is my tribute to,
    this is the place where all the best help comes from.
    You have saved so many people from turning their wii into a brick,
    without the help on this great site we would all be in the............ poo
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    Red face WHY I %^$# love wiiHACKS

    *...Well this is awkward* anyways umm... I love wiiHACKS because... well i love it because *wow i should have planned what i would say*
    well umm my wii... umm its been gathering... dust and ummm so ya and after i discovered wiiHACKS i use it more... yay oh and because i like crushing the #$%& out of anything i can get my hands on. but dont worry you guys' cats are safe so ya *wow im so funny and clever* oh and happy <3 day

    plz thank meh cause i rock and i will probobly just destroy the WODE *if i even knew what the #$%^# a wode was* but just cause i might take it apart... heh heh... dosnt mean i dont want it so please thank me!!!!!!!! luv u guys *wow im such a geek*

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    Talking Why Wii Love Wiihacks

    Well let me tell you guys all about wiihacks. The first thing i want to say when i found you guys & gals i thought i had really screwed my wii(thanks youtube...). Luckily, I found you guys.Everyone on this site has been more than helpful courteous talking me through one problem or another even when i thought i had no hope, i was always given another glimmer of hope. To this, I have all the praise in the world. Now, I can just turn my system on and play.
    To this, I give thanks for all of you wonderful people who took time out of your days and aided me in repairing my marriage(and my wii of course). The wife was going to kill me if i didn't fix it... (Hence no me no marriage). I do thank you all!!

    That is why i love wiihacks. Thanks.


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    Talking I love wiihacks...


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    Dear Wiihacks,

    When i first received my wii i searched far and wide for a site to suit my hacking needs and you were the only one who stood out to me. Others were dull in comparison. You are the one true light in my wii's life. Not only did i find a way to hack my wii but also a list of compatible external HDD's that made searching so much easier. Without you my wii would be sitting collecting dust in a corner due to the inability to afford games. I would like to show my appreciation further but for now this letter will suffice. For all you have done for me i would like to say thank you and i love you!

    Love always your joyful member,


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