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Thread: "can't read disk"?

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    "can't read disk"?

    I have neogamma R8B7 and it works with absolute perfection with all the backups I know... except Excite Truck. The game loads, I can create a username and everything, but when I try to do the tutorial - yes, you HAVE to do the tutorial... maybe because it's a launch game, who knows - a black screen appears with text that says it can't load the disk and that I should check out the manual.

    any idea what could be happening? maybe the DVD is "badly" burnt or something...

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    It can be either a bad burn, dump, or media. Try looking for a different release of the game and burn it using imgburn at 2X on DVD-rs.
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    i agree with thucncao ive had this a few times, get a different release and you should be good

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    excellent. I'll do that, thanks


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