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Thread: can't get dvd drive to work with D2pro9

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    can't get dvd drive to work with D2pro9

    I have installed my chip on a D2B wii and when I first conected it, it powers up and the chip light goes red and the dvd drive motor just goes in small spirts. when I take the chip back out all works fine. So I orders the porgramer and it updated and now I connected the chip back up to the wii and the same exact thing happens, the dvd drive dose not work. Now I see 2 jumpers on the chip. do I need to connect those jumpers together or leave them alone. this a usa wii. This is driveing me crazy. I took out my wii key becuase it would not update to play the newest games so I thought this would be the solution, but it has been a disaster so far. Please any help would be very much welcomed.

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    d2pro : Home just released the alternative 2.1 firmware update today for the d2c users who are having problems with the d2pro! The wait is finally over!


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