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Thread: Guitar Hero: Metallica

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    Guitar Hero: Metallica

    ive been looking on the net and i cant find out
    can I use the guitar from Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
    or is it one of those band games I only have the guitar

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    I have a World Tour guitar and it works with Metallica.

    I would think all Wii guitars should work for all Guitar Hero/Rock Band Games.

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    I tried it and it says to plug the usb mic in I dont have a mic that stinks I really wanted to play that oh well
    Thanks for the reply

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    Ca Guitar Hero instrument/game Compatibility

    Everything you need to know can be found here:

    Instrument Compatibility // Rock Band

    or here:

    Using Wii Guitar Hero controller with Rock Band
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    thanks I got iy working I just had to put remote in the guitar and it was fine
    I didnt have it pluged in I guess thats y it said to put mic in
    but can use the links for more inf on this


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