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Thread: looking to purchase a soft modded wii

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    Us looking to purchase a soft modded wii

    I am currently looking to purchase a soft modded wii that will allow me to play games via a external hard drive from the usb loader. I would like to purchase a package with 2 controllers and a nunchuck so that two people would be able to play at the same time without me having to go out and buy another controller for it. If anyone has one for sell or might know where I could find one for a decent price please email me at or private message me here. thanks and I look forward to hearing back from everyone.

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    thanks for sending me that link I have sent him an email and he is currently asking more than I wanna spend for his particular unit.

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    ebays weekly deal is a Wii at 144 you get wii,wii sports resort + motion sensor,wii sports,remote and nunchuck.really its not hard to do the Wii yourself were all help.

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    just letting the mods know they can delete this thread as I have purchased a soft modded wii, with 2 controllers and numchucks with the external 500 gb hard drive so I am not looking for one anymore thanks


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