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Thread: USB loader for 4.2U softmod

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    USB loader for 4.2U softmod

    was wondering, just jumped back into the Wii scene. I have the new Wii with the D-32 drive chip(wont play backups) serial is LU73xxxxxx.
    i am folowing this guide.(i know its successfully modded)
    Guide: Configurable USB Loader using FAT32 Partition (NO WBFS PARTITION NEEDED)
    is there a better guide? what i am after is to run my backups off the external HDD, would like to dump them as well.
    is there a hdd size limit?
    looking to get hdd tonight. 150 or 250 gigs prob.
    let me know thanX

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    I like usbloader_gx used with wfbs manager.
    there are links in the guide/tut. section.
    there are a few different usb loaders, i'd read up before choosing.

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    New Wii with serial number LU73XXXXXX

    I just bought a new Wii model 2010. Can I softmode this Wii? Please teach me.

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    Just look for the guides teo4001 in the tutorials section for the system menu version your running.

    On the other matter 150-250gigs isn't enough depending on how many games you collect. I've got a 640gig drive (600 usable) and only got 80gig free now. If that's any indication I'd be going for a higher gig drive.


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