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Thread: Hi, i got some questions

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    Hi, i got some questions

    im a total noooooooooooob at wii hacking. though, i have used the R4 for the DS. Some of my questions are
    1. i dont want to modify my wii, but to use the twilight hack, with that and homebrew channel, will i be able to play downloaded wii games and possible nintendo 64 games that arent buyable on wiiware like vigilante 8 2nd offense and starcraft?
    2. i heard something about bushing finding a way to play downloaded games without modifying a wii, is that a way besides twilight hack?
    3. um any useful nice tips and info to give me in dealing with wii hacks

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    27 will be able to n64 games that are not on the w.s.c. (wii shopping channel) using the wii homebrew channel just make sure you have a ROM of it can use the custom firmware that will allow you to use it you can find the link at the announcements

    3.well always be careful with modifying your wii and most of all have fun!

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    Welcom to WiiHacks and enjoy yourself!!
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