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Thread: What modchip is good for my Wii?

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    What modchip is good for my Wii?

    I'm sorry i opened a new thread. I went thru the forum trying to find an aswer but i didn't find it.

    My Nintendo Wii's serial number is LU5632... It was purchased on May, 2nd, 2008 in the USA. In the wiitracker site I have the "50% D2C 50% cut pins" reply. I still don't have the triwing screwdirver to open it up and in my country (Uruguay) its very hard and expensive to get one, so I had to buy it thru ebay and it will take about a month for the screwdriver to get to my house.

    I understand that the D2Pro9 v2 will be ok for my wii but I also read that it has some problems and that I should get the wasabi instead. I also found some d2ckey modchips in the internet, that are cheaper, but I don't know the advantages and disadvantages and my bieggest concern is the upgradeability of the wii, once the modchip is installed. Can someone clear this question for me? Does D2ckey need and update? How do I do it? Will I be ok with the d2pro9 v2? does it need updates? how do I do them? Is wasabi better? what about updates for this last one?



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    your wii is a d2c2 because they stopped making d2c's after april and nintendo scene faq says that u have a d2c type of wii and u have cut pins so put those together and it is obvious u do have a d2c2. I would get the d2pro9 v1 or the wasabi 2 but i reccomend the first d2pro9.

    hope this helps!

    If u bought ur wii after august 2007 u are bound to have one of the d2c series.

    Atleast u didnt buy ur wii in july cus then u would have d2e probably and have to either stick the wasabi 2 or d2pro9 v2.
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    thanks for the reply. the wiitracker FAQ says "LU52390xxxx - [And Higher] Have D2C Chips". That would be my case. How do you know that my pins are cut? Will a wii clip work on a wii with cut pins?

    Why do I have to get the d2pro9 V1? does v2 work? what does it happen if I have cut pins? Is that the reason for the v1 instead of v2? what does it mean to have pins cut?


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    having cut pins and not having cut pins doesn't matter it is just a way to identify wii's and d2pro9 v1 is what i reccomend for d2c2 wiis because it is specially made for them and d2pro9 v2 is for all wiis and with the 2.1 firmware update u can turn v1 to v2!

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    ok thats great. will I have to buy the d2prog to update the d2pro9 v1 to a v2? I read another thread and it got me confused. I found this:

    "4) D2Pro9v2 is updateable using DVD, so if your D2Pro9v2 comes loaded with 1.3 then download 2.1 from the D2Pro site and follow the instructions to update you wii using DVD."

    "to do this update you will require a d2prog as this type of updates writes to the actel chip. the dvd writes to the spi flash. but if you are getting the d2pro9 v2 then you do not have to update the chip using the d2prog as it comes with 2.0 already and i know the installer says 2.1 but i think that was a mistake"

    Will I be able to update the d2pro9 v1 with a DVD? Sorry for the ignorance.

    oh and the will clip lets me install it right, no matter if the pins are cut or not, right?



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    buy it from Welcome to

    the ones they have there automatically have 2.1 firmware.

    And have spi flash.

    If that doesn't work then u can go to all the mod stores like


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    i chatted with gmodz yesterday and he advised to install a d2pro9 v2 or a wasabi 2. I can't find the v1 in, only v2. I'm very confused now, every page that I visit says a different thing.

    I think the v2 is suitable for me. I want it to be upgradeable, I want to install it with a wii clip and I don't wanna have to solder a thing. Will d2pro9 v2 with a wii clip do all that for me? v1 is hard to find and I'm not sure if it will satisfy my needs.

    check this out, i found it in one of the pages u recommended.

    Wii-Clip V4C-9 + D2Pro9 + Spi Flash Wii

    • Wii-Clip is an adapter so that able to install easily and without risks modchip D2Pro in consoles Nintendo Wii.
    • Wii-Clip V4C is only valid for D2PRO 9 wires Modchips
    • There are no risks so that it is not needed to touch the plate with the soldering iron, when not touching is it no risk of spoiling the components of this.
    • If we want to activate the region free it is necessary to weld cables to the reader.
    This chip is updateable with a programmer (not included).

    * 9 wires to install on D2C, D2C2 drives
    * 8 Mbit (1MB) onboard flash (only around 4% is used for storing drivecode...)
    * Flash and FPGA fully updateable via JTAG (external programmer required)
    * Direct Boot of Gamecube original and backup games.
    * Direct boot of Wii original and backup games.
    * Gamecube game audio fix.
    * Enhaced media compatibility
    * The Spi Flash is already welded
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    thanks for the help but i will go for the d2pro9 v2 dvd updateable. although the v1 is specially for d2c2, it is not dvd updateable. v2 still works for d2c2 and is eaiser to update.

    got a question

    how do u know thay my pins r cut?



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    but get it from gmodz it already has 2.1 firmware and spi flash add-on free!

    The mod-chip is dvd-updatable but to update it to 2.1, u have to use the d2prog.

    So instead of buying that, just buy the one at gmodz.

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