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Thread: Wasabi DX upgrade help!

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    Wasabi DX upgrade help!

    Hi guys and girls i recently got my wii modded with the Wasabi DX and i wanted to update it to 3.0 so i burnt the disc with it on there and i dont know what to do now can someone help me... as i am totally new to this wii stuff.


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    The discs read but wii play which is pal doesnt read but the disc only read from a cold boot... apart from the upgrade dvd and the wii play.

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    Burn the ISO with your favorite tool, run it and follow the instructions!
    Don't turn off your Wii in the programming phase. The last screen should be
    a "Success!" screen. If there's any problem during flashing, you'll be able
    to start again from the first screen.

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    I have it doesnt work but now i used anyregion changer to chage the language to english so does that mean i have change the jumpers to the PAL version?


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    you english is bad so no one can understand what youre saying

    the upgrade disc has no region, set the jumpers of the wasabidx to the region of your console

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    ok, i used anyregion changer to change the Japanese language to English(Uk/PAL) and now the Wasabi config menu doesnt work so should i set the jumpers on the WAsabi DX to PAL?

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    Here its like my problem.

    My discs only run from cold boot.

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    Why isnt anyone HELPING?


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