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Thread: USB_Loader_GX question and HOMEBREW CHAN UPDATE??

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    USB_Loader_GX question and HOMEBREW CHAN UPDATE??

    Hey Folks.. Two quickies...
    First.. I am at Homebrew Channel 1.5 and it desperately wants to go to .6..but in a guide I was told not to update.. Does that hold true..? And if so how can I get the HBC to stop bugging me about the update...except to kill the internet connection

    Also..I downloaded USB_Loader_GX-ULNR-r719.WAD to install the USB Loader as a CHANNEL... do I just use the WAD loader in the HBC to install it...even though the USB loader is already in my HBC? Any issues there?

    Thanks a bunch Wii Studs!

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    Update if you want. Do it manually if you are concerned. Just run the boot.elf under HBC.

    Just install the WAD, if it is the same channel but an updated version it'll replace the existing one. If not you'll have two channels, no biggie.
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    USB Loader


    Yes, you can install the USB Loader GX channel thru Wad Manager. The only difference is that you dont need to go thru HBC to access the Loader. You can remove the channel thru Wad Manager at anytime.


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