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Thread: Newbie to soft mod ver 4.2e

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    Unhappy Newbie to soft mod ver 4.2e

    Hi All. Just got home with a brand new black Wii 4.2E. Have followed Messies guide to a tee dowd to D4 but as I'm not WiFi as yet,finding it diffuclt to understand D5's appendix (Nus Downloader). Can somebody help with this as reading all the threads it seems that I should be downloading Priiloader. Can this be done using the files posted by Shadowsonic2?

    I have loaded HBC, USB loader GX & Neogamma as channels. Tried to use USB loader, it started then froze with errors. Found another USB loader coverfloader & that worked so I don't know why one did & the other did'nt

    Also should I have Wadmanager as a channel or keep that on an SD card?

    Apologies if these seem all lame.

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    Not sure if its going to be worth while doing Neogamma as i think all the black wii's use the new dvd laser. I am sure one of the junior mods will be along shortly and help you out.


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