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    Question another newbie

    Hello peeps, i am very intrested in softmodding my new wii. Im nervous that i may destroy my new wii Hopefully this site will help me through it

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    i was the same way. i did a softmod on a wii that technically doesn't belong to me. it's my kids' wii. i did the mod on monday and it worked out well. my best advice, noob to noob, is to read, read, read. i went over the softmod guide at least 5 times before i even started dl'ing packs. i watched a couple of youtube videos but trust me when i say that they are nothing compared to the guides you will find here.

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    As above READ READ and READ some more, the guide is really really good and help me soft mod with no problems at all. If you get stuck loads of help on here.

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    Yup this site is great, i softmoded my wii all thanks to the awsome guides, its a low chance that it will brick. Just follow the guide exacly and u will be fine.


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