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Thread: GHI/80's screen flashes after using geckos in HB

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    Question GHI/80's screen flashes after using geckos in HB

    I am trying to load a guitar hero custom, and am having difficulty. I am using the custom GHI/80's on a 3.3u wii (d2pro 9 modded). I tried using the geckos 1.5b to load the disc, and it loaded the game correctly but it seems to be running the game in PAL, I have an NTSC system. Basically the screen is flashing.

    the problem is there is no options menu in the GHI/80's, and with geckos loaded through Homebrew I tried the default options and was not sucessful so I tried going into the options menu and clicked "force NTSC" and language "English" -still the screen would flash when loaded.

    Now I have heard Freeloader works but is there one for homebrew (loaded off sd?) and does anyone have a link? otherwise do i get the dvd image of Freeloader and load it through geckos? any other ideas? thanks in advance!

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    What a coincidence, I'm having the exact same problem... Along with this, my other GH customs are a bit off as well, such as some of the songs audio skipping and being off time. I don't know if it was a bad burn or what, but I'd certainly like some help as well. I burned at 1x using Sony DVD+R. Maybe it's just the customs we're using? :S

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    Arrow robots love also

    Ya i have the regular gh3 and some of my songs audio is skipping and off time as well. Luckily its the songs im not really into but I was gunna try another burn.

    twilight k i would have suggested u try different media as iv heard sony discs arent very good, but even with my verbatim dvds im having issues with gh.

    As for the customs not working I am eagerly awaiting someone 2 help us out... i'm dying to play the original gh -> my favorite.


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