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Thread: Help please New super mario bros backup trouble

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    Unhappy Help please New super mario bros backup trouble

    first off let me start by saying I was at this for at least 4 hours. I am very upset b/c I have been wating for this game for quite some time and now I have no idea why it not working. I read and heard many different ways about fixing the protection on the game. None had to do with my problem... so hear it is

    I run 3.2 u (Soft Mod) I have homebrew and all the required wads for backups.

    I have many other backups with none of these issues.

    this is the first game that has protection that Iam tring to burn and play.

    My loader for my backups is the Legend of Gamma backup lancher. Probly b/c I used the twighlight hack... I dont know if its the backup loader that the issue for this specific game or not.

    I dowloaded a pached version of the game Super Mario Bros. Wii... and it does not work can anyone tell me how to fix this issue..

    Also i have wbfs intellegent just in case that is part of the problem. I do not know how to use intellegnet thought so... if that is the case or if it is multiple issues please help me out.

    Thank u and i would greatly appreatiate any help so i can play my most anticipated game of the year.

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    Have you not tried the Search Function - It Does Wonders!!


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    I have 3.2u not 4.0 or 4.2

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    These NSMB threads need to be burnt at the stake then scattered over nintendos front lawn.


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