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Thread: help with softmodd

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    help with softmodd

    have 4.1 with homebrew get errors ret-1 and 2011, sd card 512mb, have wii 3.3 will not read boot or elf files. format with sdformatter 2.0 nothing, no quick format fat32. If anyone can help thanks

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    Click the you failed to search link in my sig and look at the error code index. If those don't work go buy a 2gb Scandisk sd card.

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    Bit more info might come in handy like telling us what you are trying to install. I take it youre referring to WAD Manager?

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    on the 4.1 trying to install the flash so i can play iso games, and the usb loader. i have homebrew in stalled get error -2011

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    Question install error

    hi ive been trying to modd my wii 4.1, have homebrew want to play off usb. installing custom ios has error -2011 brought brand new sd 2gb used sdf to format and still is not working. ive tried a lot of things 4days trying still no luck. I also have a wii with 3.3u no luck with getting boot and elf files to read will not show up, the blocks show not the files. help thanks


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