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Thread: Stuck at preloader/Cant sync wiimote

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    Unhappy Stuck at preloader/Cant sync wiimote

    Heres the deal, my wii boots directly into preloader(v.29)
    I took my wiimotes to my girlfriends house and synced them to her wii.
    Now i cant get past preloader because i cant get my wiimotes to sync to my wii(i guess you need to be at the system menu to sync) and i dont have a GC controller. *facepalm* anyone know what i can do besides go out and buy a GC controller? Thanks for the help.

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    lol, thats shitty.. I think you're screwed and have to buy a gc controller. Try pressing 1 and 2 at the same time. It probably wont work, but its how to do a temp sync, but i think you have to have a game loaded and go into the controller options.

    If you did the one time/temp sync it would probably still work.

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    sadly i did the red button sync on my girlfriends wii >.<

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    yeah... i dont think preloader has this, but with bootmii you can control it with the buttons on the wii. Power, reset, eject. See if those do anything for you.

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    do you know if you can use a GC controller in preloader?

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    A quick search found this - I'm sure it will work for you. Thanks to Scrat obviously, but you could also thank me for doing a simple search for you

    Quote Originally Posted by scrat View Post
    found the solution on nintendo's website. who would have thought. this is what I did to get my remote's synced:

    (1) unplug your wii for five seconds
    (2) power on the wii and wait for it to get to the health and safty warning or preloader screen
    (3) press and hold the red button on the wii thats above the sd card slot for at least 15 seconds
    (4) remove the battery cover on the wii remote and press the hidden red button
    (5) quickly press and release the red button above the sd card on the wii again
    (6) When the Player LED blinking stops and stays lit, the syncing is complete

    took me a few tries, but it finally worked. I thought I bricked my wii so I am happy. back to excite bike world tour

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    if you read the rest of that thread, everyone said they cannot sync at preloader screen. Also dont you think it would be my first action to trty and sync my wii motes like that? im not some brain dead 6 year old trying to get h4x on meh wii. I also DID search. But I understand my post count may have threw you off to think im stupid. but thanks for trying to help. I guess I might have to go out and buy a GC controller -.-

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    "but thanks for trying to help"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gangoke View Post
    "but thanks for trying to help"
    That just make me sad.. Why this attitude? I hope no one helps this dude.. Im pretty sure he's a 6 year (old) boy that trying to h4x his Wii.

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